Bountiful School of Ballet - Established 1973...A Tradition of Excellence for 43 Years
Dress Code
As a Classical Ballet school, the Bountiful School of Ballet adheres to a strict dress code that is strictly enforced.  A strict dress code teaches unity, discipline and enables our faculty to see the dancer, not the outfit.
Black any style no skirt
 Danskin 727 or 387 Ballet Pink
 Bloch Dansoft S0205 Leather Full Sole Ballet Slipper
 Basic Ballet - Pre Pointe (2x/week)
 Black any style no skirt
Danskin 725/727 Ballet Pink
Bloch Hybrid S0203 Leather Split Sole Ballet Slipper
Company  (3x +week)
Black any style no skirt
Danskin 725 or 71 Ballet Pink
Canvas or Leather Split Sole Ballet Slipper, Pointe Shoes
White or Black Under Armour type shirt (snug) - can be sleeveless
Black Slim Shorts or MStevens Milliskin Tights - White or Black Socks
Black Leather Ballet Slippers - Full Sole for Pre Ballet and Split Sole for Basic Ballet 
Int. levels may wear Canvas

For female dancers, no underwear are to be worn under ballet tights.  All female dancers hair must be pulled securely away from the face for all levels and types of dance.  All Basic Ballet and more advanced are required to wear a bun tightly secured with bobbi pins.  Please no sock type buns - classical ballet buns only.
**If female student wishes to wear a bra under leotard, they must wear a leotard that completely covers the lingerie bra or wear a dance camisole style (no racer back), black or nude bra under.  Absolutely no straps from lingerie bras should be visible.   During their cycle, if students feel more comfortable, they are welcome to wear a black, tight fitting "hot short".
  • The above listed dress code
  • Black Circle Character Skirt (at least knee length)
  • Black Canvas Character Shoes *So Danca Style R005

  • Snug fitting tops and bottoms of choice
  • Danshuz half sole nude shoes

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