Bountiful School of Ballet - Established 1973...A Tradition of Excellence for 43 Years
 Recital Flowers
Former Bountiful School of Ballet student Gabrielle Ernest is once again doing her flower fundraiser for her nonprofit Education For Generations.  It has been a great success for the past two years, thank you to everyone who participated.  If you would like to order flowers for this year's recital, simply fill out the form below.
 Flowers will be available for pick up in front of the auditorium before or after the performances on Friday & Saturday.  Pay at pick up in the form of cash or check only please.  Make check out to Education for Generations.  Reserve flowers by Monday, May 15.  For more information about our nonprofit organization and who we help you may go to our website at  
To read more about what Education for Generations has done:
Daisy School.pdf (PDF — 392 KB)

Thank you for your support.
Recital Flowers
Phone #
Size of Bouquet
One Rose - $4
Mixed Bouquet of 3 - $8
Mixed Bouquet of 6 - $12
Performance for Pickup - PLEASE PICK ONE
Friday (A Cast)
Saturday (B Cast)
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