Dear Parents and Students,

First and foremost, thank you for your constant support. Situations like this can destroy a small business.

It’s official. Schools will be closed beginning Monday, March 16th for two weeks. What does this mean for BSOB?

BSOB will close immediately, and will plan to re-open Monday, March 30th, which was previously scheduled for Spring Break.

This is how classes will be made up:

Spring Break was scheduled for the week of March 30th and instead we will hold classes as regularly scheduled.

We will extend the session an additional week after the recital, the week of Monday, May 18th. This will be either regular classes or special workshop classes that students can attend. We will update that as the date approaches.

For now there will be no changes to the dates of the recital and are hopeful this stays firm. There are only two remaining tuition payments for this session, and those payments will still be due, as all lessons will still be taught. We are 100% committed to paying our faculty during this time as they will be continuing planning and choreographing for the recital, and we feel, it’s the right thing to do. As for Summer/Fall registration, we will push the due date of that back one week to Friday, April 3.

As for the “soft” close part? We have several members of our faculty that would like to work with certain classes over this break. These will be communicated in a separate email. Participation is entirely optional and dancers must have parental consent. There will never be more than the one class (of 14 or less) and the teachers. We will take all preventative measures of sanitization, no hands on corrections and staying as far away from each other as possible.

Stay tuned to your email. We will be sending out some fun dance activities for all ages over the next two weeks and updating as needed.

Warm regards,

Kate Ostroski and Megan Ware