We have two “sessions” each year, the “regular season” running for 36 weeks from September through May, with a “summer session” in June and July. Everyone enrolling at our studio is expected to take for a “full season” (regular and/or summer) in order to attain the maximum benefit and progress from our program. If at anytime you decide to withdraw, we need 14 days written notice (by email) and you are responsible for all tuition until then.

There is absolutely no tuition refunded or credited for withdrawal from lessons. For summer classes, no credits or withdrawals will be accepted once the session has begun. You are responsible for the entire tuition for the registered session.

Class placement is at the sole discretion of our instructors; however, if at any time you are unhappy with placement please feel free to discuss the situation with the directors.

A registration fee of $30 will be assessed each year due September 1st.

Placement: Each student is evaluated and placed into a level at the discretion of the Principal Faculty. The directors and faculty will consider reasonable requests for a specific student’s level to be changed or reviewed; however, please realize that students are not only formally evaluated at both the end of the school year session and summer session but also on an ongoing basis. Students and parents who disagree with their level placement are asked to trust the judgment of the BSOB Directors and faculty. All students, regardless of level, are taught by highly experienced faculty, who strive to bring out the best in each of his or her students in each class.

Advancement within BSOB is based on the following criteria:
Attendance: Students are expected to attend every class for which they are scheduled. Students or a parent/guardian should report absences via email prior to class time if possible. Students with excessive excused or unexcused absences may jeopardize their placement and the ability to participate in the Spring Story Ballet.
Technical skill development in relation to class level: Included as part of the student’s technical accomplishments are: social development, maturity, proper alignment and placement, use of turn-out, physical strength, coordination, classical line, musicality, cleanliness, and clarity of movements and positions, movement quality, and performing skills (in class, rehearsals, and during performances). With regards to pointe work and progression: students will be considered for performance en pointe as faculty deems appropriate. The opportunity will begin with the Christmas performance, if students are able to handle the higher demand of time en pointe and skills they will be allowed to dance en pointe at the year-end recital.
Attitude: Students should come to class with a positive attitude, develop a good working relationship with instructors and other students, and show a willingness to receive corrections and comments from their instructors.
Promotions: Students are promoted on an individual basis, it is normal for students to be placed in the same level for two or more years. Students will be promoted to a higher level as determined by and at the sole discretion of the BSOB Directors and the faculty.

Tuition is due on the first of each month with a grace period ending the 7th. Any payment received after this time is considered late and a $10 late charge should be added when paying. If you need to pay at a different time during the month please notify Kate via email. No money is to be taken off for missed lessons. Makeup lessons are available for every class. Checks returned by our bank unpaid will be assessed a $20 fee. Many students use the ACH draw from account or “Bill Pay” feature through their bank. This ensures we receive payment on time, and it isn’t floating around in your student’s bag! See the complete price schedule here.

Costume fee is the amount due for the costume worn in the annual recital held in May. (We do not charge admission to the recital.) The costume fee includes a ready-made costume and headpiece you keep. This payment, along with the Participation Fee, needs to be paid in full no later than November 1, 2021. Please plan ahead. It may be paid anytime up until due date in full or partial payment. Please make a separate check for this payment. *The amount paid corresponds with the student’s ballet level. Note that the jazz and jazz/tap are a separate costume fee, in addition to the ballet costume fee.

See the full Tuition, Costume and Participation Fee Payment Schedule here.

Dress code will be strictly enforced. Black leotard, ballet pink ballet tights, pink ballet slippers, and skirt as required by level for students en pointe only. All supplies need to be purchased at Pat’s Dancewear, 105 South Main in Bountiful. During colder months a tight black ballet sweater may be worn. No sweatshirts, turtlenecks, t-shirts, or camisoles are allowed. Underwear are not to be worn under tights- proper ballet tights are made with a cotton gusset. Please make sure your student has a bag to carry shoes back and forth and to store outer clothes in while in class. No dance shoes are to be worn outside, ever. Read more detail about the Dress Code Requirements here.

All students must wear hair securely fastened to head. 1x/week students may wear a neat ponytail as long as all sides are pinned securely back. All 2x/week students and up must wear hair in bun or similar fashion. All sides must be pinned completely out of the face. Bun is to be netted and bobbi-pinned; snoods are also acceptable if securely fastened.

Please make every effort to ensure students are on time to class. It is very disruptive for them to walk in late after class has begun. All students in pre-ballet must be picked on time. The teacher cannot be responsible for watching unattended students. All students are to wait inside for pickup. Students who attend class the last hour of the day absolutely must be picked up within 10 minutes after class ends. Any student with an excessive number of absences may not be invited to participate in the Spring Recital.

Class may be observed once monthly, by formal email request only. Please leave small children at home as they can cause a major disruption for the teacher and students in the class.

We encourage you to communicate with us by e-mail bountifulballet@gmail.com . All communication will be done via email and posted on our website www.bountifulschoolofballet.com.