There are many benefits of studying different dance styles. Obviously the most important one on the training list is Classical ballet and whether students want to be classical ballet dancers or not we know that the training is invaluable for any student of dance in order to really understand the basics of positioning the body in the correct way to be able to execute the steps. It is important that both student and parent understand it is extremely important for any dancer to include ballet in order to really see progression.

There are many benefits to studying different styles of dance. The more well-rounded a dancer becomes the better performance skills and confidence that dancer will have. Dancers who have incorporated other styles of dance into their training typically find it easier to feel the movement through their bodies and their faces.

Bountiful School of Ballet offers classes to help students explore other styles of dance while staying both age and level appropriate and ensuring their Classical training is not compromised.

Classes We Offer:

Pre Ballet: Ages 3 – 7
Classical Ballet: Ages 8 and Up
*Jazz: Ages 8 and Up
*Turns/Tricks and Leaps (Summer Only, must be enrolled in jazz/dancers in gold, platinum, or company jazz)
*Jazz/Tap Combo: Ages 4 -7
*Progressive Dance Technique: Pre Pointe and Up (Summer Only, by invitation)
*Variations: Dancers en pointe (Summer Only)

*must be enrolled in ballet to attend these additional classes.

We are a Classical Ballet school in that we do not have teams and compete. Each student is treated as an individual, and time and great care are taken when placing them in levels. Strict criteria is used to ensure proper placement and individualized success. Every student no matter how young, has a part in our Original Story Ballet each June. We use professional sets, music and lighting to ensure it is a production that all will enjoy.