This year’s story ballet will be Nature’s Promise. We’ve continued to adapt our plans based on the COVID-19 situation, and we’re pleased and excited to have a great plan!

As we did last year, we’ll have a Junior Story Ballet on Friday, May 21st which provides more opportunities for families to see their dancers (and therefore “spread out” how many people are in the theater at one time). The full Story Ballet will have two performances on Saturday, May 22nd and the Jazz Show is also on Saturday.

RECITAL MASTER (Performance Dates, Pictures, Hairstyles, Makeup)
Download the Recital Master here as an Excel spreadsheet or here as a PDF. (Note that the PDF type size is VERY small in order to fit the entire sheet on one page; you’ll likely want to enlarge your “view” to read it more easily.)

There will again be limited tickets (or wristbands) for families. We’ll provide further information as we get closer. The recitals will still be free of charge! Protocol details will be available here closer to the recital dates.