This year’s story ballet will be Nature’s Promise. We’ve continued to adapt our plans based on the COVID-19 situation, and we’re pleased and excited to have a great plan! DRESS REHEARSAL/RECITAL SCHEDULE As we did last year, we’ll have a Junior Story Ballet on Friday, May 21st which provides more […]

There are many benefits of studying different dance styles. Obviously the most important one on the training list is Classical ballet and whether students want to be classical ballet dancers or not we know that the training is invaluable for any student of dance in order to really understand the […]

Monthly Tuition and Recital Fees: *below prices effective July 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021 Our “regular season” from September through May runs as a 36-week program, with 9 equal payments due on the 1st of each month. Tuition is due by the 1st of the current month – there […]

As a Classical Ballet school, the Bountiful School of Ballet adheres to a strict dress code that is vigorously enforced. A strict dress code teaches unity and discipline and enables our faculty to see the dancer, not the outfit. Ballet: Foundations Level (1x/week) Leotard: Black any style, no skirt Tights: […]

By Lucy Knight Andre My mother was a dancer, and I was fed a steady diet of classical ballet growing up. I always looked at jazz, tap, character, and modern as necessary additions to my dance education, not as the main course. I loved being a ballerina, and even all […]

Classes begin Monday, August 24th. Click the link here to download the master schedule in Excel form or here to see it as a PDF. The list is alphabetized by last name. All information pertaining to your dancer is listed in the row with their name. If there are any […]

Bountiful School of Ballet works to have their class schedules coordinate with the Davis County School District schedule so that if the kids are out of school, they are also “out” of dance class. This way families are free to travel or otherwise use those holiday times without worrying about […]