First, we want to thank you for your cooperation as we work through this ever evolving COVID situation. We are committed to keeping all students and our faculty safe. In order to so, procedures must be followed at all times. Believe us, we miss the more relaxed atmosphere of the studio, but first and foremost we must follow CDC and Health Dept. guidelines.

  1. Classes were scheduled and designed with special consideration of class size and the room classes would take place in. It is very important to make sure dancers attend the class they are scheduled for. In the event your dancer has to miss, we will still offer makeup lessons. However, in order to maintain proper class size, all makeup lessons must be scheduled in advance and makeup lessons must be taken within 30 days of the absence. There will be no exceptions to this procedure. To schedule your makeup lesson:
    1. Contact BSOB via email at – please give your dancer’s full name.
    2. A class level and specific day will be assigned. This way we can ensure classes are not overfull, and scheduled in a classroom that has the capacity, the teacher will be notified. When you receive the email with the class assignment, we will also let you know who the teacher is and the entrance to use.
    3. As a reminder, BSOB policy is that if there isn’t another section of the same level class available (whether it is full or we do not have one) dancers are to take the level just lower than their own for makeup lessons.
  2. Unless you have obtained prior permission, students are not to wait in the lobby before and after class. We would ask that you drop off and pick up on time. Students who do not have prior permission should plan on waiting outside. As it is getting dark earlier, please make every effort to be on time. It puts our faculty in a very difficult situation when they are worrying about dancers who are not picked up and trying to start their next class, or trying leave in the evening when we close.
  3. Attendance: Currently attendance in the Company Orange, Pre-Company, Demi, and Apprentice classes is not what it should be. Please remember, in order to be rectial eligible students must maintain 80% (Company level must maintain 90%) attendance. This should be done in dancers’ assigned class; makeups should only be used when it is absolutely necessary to miss class. We ask that you please communicate with us. We are so appreciative of everyone’s extra vigilance surrounding illness and COVID exposure, but please just send us a quick email so that we know what is going on.

We look forward to a time when we can relax the protocol and return to a bit more “normal” of an existence. We thank you for your continued support of us.


  • Adjusted start times: start times for classes Monday – Thursday have been pushed back 15 minutes. We have done this with the hope that students will have time to get home, change, use the restroom and wash their hands before entering the studio. We would encourage all students to change at home as much as possible.
  • We will continue to use all 3 entrances until further notice.
  • Drinking fountain will remain closed.
  • Classes capped at 12 unless scheduled to use stage sized studio.
  • Classroom surfaces wiped down between each class and studio fully sanitized each evening.
  • Masks are required (if there is a medical or sensory issue please reach out and we will make accommodations).